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Nail Graphix glitters are specially formulated for use in Any Brand liquid & powder or gel system, and exclusively designed to be safe and durable. We have an array of fashionable colours - (click here to view).

Nail Graphix was founded in the year 2000. It was the answer to an industry question - Each client is unique, so why give each of them the same boring set of nails? Nail Graphix not only lets a client express herself, but the nail tech too.

Each Nail Graphix glitter comes in a pre-measured jar for an exact mix. This allows for easy use and storage. The amount of glitter contained will vary according to each color specification.

Nail Graphix is also a great way to increase your revenue and creativity. Depending on your area, design, and complexity, a standard up-charge would be £5 to £15 a set. Plus, you'll never again do the same set of nails twice. So try Nail Graphix and make nail design fun and easy, the way it's supposed to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Nail Graphix? Mix to the top of the label with pink or clear acrylic powder, except if product specifies other wise.† Pot size is approx 20g when mixed.

What would I use Nail Graphix for? Use

Nail Graphix on the tips in place of the white tip or use on all of the nail for your own permanent nail art design.

Will it be smooth and shiny?

Yes, once you apply to the tip or design, overlay with pink or clear to seal and protect design. Buff to shine or use a sealant top coat for a longer† and glossier look.

What would I charge?Depending on your area, length, design and time involved of nail art the standard up-charge is ¬£5.00 to ¬£15.00 per application.† You should get approx. 12-15 sets from one pot.

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